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WoW on Easy Mode

Posted by Joel Unravelled on 15 February, 2009


Blizzard is understandably proud of its end-game content. I mean once you’ve wandered into the Halls of Lightning and actually looked at the instance rather then just concentrating on the mobs, you can see the awesome artwork that has been done in this game. Naturally if you code all this eye-candy, then you want folks to see it ASAP, there is a hell of a lot of content in the game if you crawl up from level 1, so here comes the Death Knight.

As an aside, with the accelerated leveling that comes from more XP per kill, blue bar, and more XP per quest, I don’t believe it is possible to experience all the old content while still keeping to zones and quests of appropriate level.


The Death Knight can be defined as WoW on easy mode. Worried about physical damage? You’re wearing plate and can pop up Frost Aura. Worried about magical damage? You can pop up an anti-magic field that looks like the little cousin of Dalran’s old magical shield. Want to be DPS, sure go blood and heal yourself at the same time. Want to be a Tank, pop up your Frost Aura. Want to do AoE then unholy is the path for you. Seriously its so easy even a hunter player could do it :p

Death Knight is the swiss army knife of the WoW world. Soling 2 beasties 3 levels higher then themselves without raising a sweat, soloing all those annoying Dragon Blight and Ice Crown group quests without relying on the fickle attendance of other classes. Add herbalism and skinning and you get a self-heal and extra crit to round off your awesomeness to new heights of pretentious wankery.

Of course by the time you get to 10 mans, and raid content you tend to be the unwelcome kid at the party. All that alone time has given you the social skills of a cheeto’s guzzling nerd living in their mothers basement and never seeing the light of day…….. oh…….. didn’t mean to go there.


Okay, I’m off…… to play one of my three Death Knights….. oh…… 😦


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