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Ninja! ?

Posted by Joel Unravelled on 6 January, 2011

T: Why did you NEED that roll?

D: no answer

T: You realize that was a caster staff? And you can’t use staves?

D: but no one else needed.

Oh dear. I don’t pick up on these things too often because I don’t have the loot-rolls in my chat box. I always click Greed, and on the rare occasions i don’t I open a bag to see if I won. It keeps the text spam low as our guild leader gets upset when we ‘ignore’ his chatting because its lost in loot/party spam.

The hunter was screaming “Ninja” (talk about a role reversal) but what i had stumbled upon was a genuine new player. Over the course of this run I’d be explaining TPS vs DPS, raid icons, and what stats the player should be looking for.

Three wings of Dire Maw, and the player kept getting better and better… the one thing I couldn’t help with was the rotation, no idea what warriors have on their bars these days.

Still, not a bad run. Three wings, three levels.



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